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Rome IV Collection

Rome IV Collection

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Rome IV Volume I

Volume I contains a comprehensive set of background chapters on neurogastroenterology (basic science and physiology); pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics; age, gender, women’s health and the patient’s perspective; cross-cultural aspects of FGIDs; the role of the microenvironment (food and microbiota); and biopsychosocial aspects of assessment and management.

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Rome IV Volume II

Volume II provides the key clinical information on 33 adult and 17 pediatric FGIDs from esophagus to anorectum, as well as a newly developed chapter on centrally mediated disorders of gastrointestinal pain. For each FGID we provide recent information on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and psychosocial aspects along with evidence- and consensus-based recommendations on diagnosis and treatment. Volume II also contains new information and the revised Rome IV diagnostic criteria for adult and pediatric FGIDs. Also there are appendices that contain key reference information including the Rome IV diagnostic criteria tables, a comparison of the Rome III and Rome IV criteria, a flowchart to assist in the biopsychosocial assessment of patients with FGIDs and how to treat or when to seek a mental health consultant. There are also the validated Rome IV pediatric and adult questionnaires criteria for epidemiological and clinical research.

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Rome IV Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders for Primary Care and Non-GI Clinicians (First Edition)

The book is organized into 12 chapters that cover the spectrum of FGIDs, but in a fashion that is specifically designed to address the diagnoses most commonly seen, with emphasis on “how to” diagnosis and treatment information.

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Rome IV Diagnostic Algorithms for Common GI Symptoms (Second Edition)

The diagnostic criteria, designed primarily for research, has a limited role in clinical practice. Patients don’t go to doctors complaining of IBS, or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction; they present with symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and constipation, among others. Accordingly, the Foundation initiated a multiyear committee process to address this concern by incorporating diagnostic decision making, information about testing and the use of the symptom-based criteria into a series of clinical algorithms.

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Rome IV Diagnostic Questionnaires and Tables for Investigators and Clinicians (First Edition)

This book, guest edited by William Whitehead, PhD, provides, in one compact volume, all that is needed for researchers and clinicians to perform studies in English-speaking countries.

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Rome IV Multidimensional Clinical Profile for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: MDCP (Second Edition)

The MDCP redefines the ways in which clinicians can care for patients having even the most complex functional GI disorders. The 2nd edition is a case-based learning module that updates the content of the first MDCP book published in 2015. There are over 70 cases, more than double that in the first edition, and all cases are revised to meet the Rome IV diagnostic standards.

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This collection includes the following books:

  • Rome IV, Volume 1
  • Rome IV, Volume 2
  • Primary Care
  • Algorithms
  • Criteria and Questionnaire
  • MDCP

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