Volume II provides the key clinical information on 33 adult and 17 pediatric FGIDs from esophagus to anorectum, as well as a newly developed chapter on centrally mediated disorders of gastrointestinal pain. For each FGID we provide recent information on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and psychosocial aspects along with evidence- and consensus-based recommendations on diagnosis and treatment. Volume II also contains new information and the revised Rome IV diagnostic criteria for adult and pediatric FGIDs. Also there are appendices that contain key reference information including the Rome IV diagnostic criteria tables, a comparison of the Rome III and Rome IV criteria, a flowchart to assist in the biopsychosocial assessment of patients with FGIDs and how to treat or when to seek a mental health consultant. There are also the validated Rome IV pediatric and adult questionnaires criteria for epidemiological and clinical research.

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